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    No unplanned downtime

    Easy, practical condition monitoring for small to medium-sized operations

    There are no do-overs when it comes to uplanned downtime, but you can avoid them in the future.

    The key is having the right information well in advance of machine failures, allowing you to:

    > Avoid interrupting scheduled production

    > Plan maintenance in advance for scheduled outages

    > Execute with speed and minimal cost



    Knowing in advance..

    A successful condition monitoring program all about cost-effectiveness and execution.

    > We design the program based on your asset and criticality information

    > We build the database, provide the technology, and train you on how to collect data using a simple process based on RFID and mobile technology

    > We analyze data and provide recommendations

    > You have access to the information anytime, anywhere 


    ...makes all the difference

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    Prognostics Solutions

    e:mail :

    telephone : +1 (619) 559 4260

    We provide a complete process for establishing a condition montoring program, and focus on getting accurate and timely asset condition information

    We use newly-developed hardware and software based on wireless and mobile technology to achieve cost-effectiveness while providing a simple and easy user experience

    Our mission is to provide condition monitoring solutions that fit the needs of small to medium sized companies